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Thank you for stopping by and welcome to ATLAS’ first blog post.

First thing I had in mind when I started this blog was to make it professional, educational, meant to simplify things you might have already heard of, published in “Fitnessland” over the years, but left you with “why?”, “what?”, “how?”, “when?” unanswered kind of questions. I like to believe that I’ve just invented “Fitnessland” word and it’s meant to symbolise the fitness and wellbeing territory to which I will further refer to in these blog posts.

In this respect, I’ll do my best to try not to “cannibalise” nor “crucify” all that has been already published / said by others, but rather to explain in layman’s terms so that anyone (who has the slightest interest in fitness and wellbeing) can understand the things written here even without having a PhD in health and fitness (not that there is even such a thing) nor a bachelor degree in sports anatomy and physiology.

I should also mention in advance that I have no intention of insulting anyone’s intelligence at any point with my simplistic explanations and that I will only use this approach because I believe that if you can’t explain it in simple terms, then it means that you don’t understand it well enough.

I’ve been a fitness and wellbeing advisor and personal trainer for over 12 years and I’ve had the chance to not only study a lot on this matter,  but to also put into practice what I’ve studied. I’ve had hundreds of clients over the years, all sort of personalities, skills, abilities and goals.

There are some very good pieces of information out there when it comes to fitness, health and wellbeing, but I must confess that not all the information that’s out there matches reality. I sometimes found myself into a landmine of contradictive articles. I sometimes laughed out loud when seeing what someone could try to sell or publish as a health and fitness product / service, but other times I was sad thinking that some people (most of the time due to lack of information) would actually fall for it – mainly in the weight loss department, where many individuals are after quick, fast results. But I guess that in the end if there is a demand for unrealistic, then there must be an offer for this too – these must be some lost along the way Walt Disney’s disciples who believe that it is enough just to dream it in order to achieve it...

On a second thought, as I was typing along on this blog post, I said to myself “why limiting this blog to professional and educational? There are already plenty of newspapers, books and magazines out there for this”. Since wellbeing is such a complex subject why narrowing down and reducing its spark with a rigid professional approach? I will therefore try to write it all as my inner thoughts or as a human being talking to another although slightly censored and trying to avoid any swearing words.

I hope my blog posts will shade some light on your doubts, will answer at least some of your questions, or at very least entertain you and hopefully not reduce you to tears with my spelling and grammar mistakes. I’m also hoping that my sometimes-sarcastic hints will not be too acidic for your taste.

Thank you for taking your time to read so far and please feel free to share, comment (constructive or disruptive – I do respect other folks’ opinions just as well as I’m hoping others will respect mine) or contact me directly for additional information or clarifications if necessary.



Healthy regards,