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Online 1:1 Sessions Packages

30 minutes sessions:

Platinum: 3 or more sessions/week - £27/session

Gold: 2 sessions/week – £29.50/session

Silver: 1 session/week - £31/session

45 minutes sessions:

Platinum: 3 or more sessions/week - £32.50/session

Gold: 2 sessions/week – £35/session

Silver: 1 session/week - £36.50/session


 What Is Included

Live, direct and personalised1:1 workout

 Welcome pack including a  piece of home gym equipment for functional strength

Nutritional advice 

One week personalised meal planner

Wellbeing guidance



10% off for clients over 65 years old.

10% off for Emergency Services employees.

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Face-to-face personal training sessions are now available but subject to client's location.

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More Testimonials

 “Working with Viviana has shown me the value of having a really good personal trainer. I was already a regular at the gym but I didn't see the full benefit of my training until I worked out with her. She has improved my form and technique and has given me the confidence to do strength training when I worked out by myself. Unlike some PTs she's not obssesed  with lifting the heaviest weights but will tailor a programme personal to you. I highly reccommend training with Viviana.”

Aisling F. 

 “Fantastic personal trainer. Amazingly knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of fitness training including education of clients. My results speak for themselves but as a summary after about three months I'm, now being forced to buy a whole new wardrobe!"

Jason H.

 “I've been training with Viviana for a few years. She helped me through an injury and throughout my pregnancy. I can't recommend her enough. She is very dedicated, results driven and knows her stuff.”

Neirouz D.