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 Our Online Personal Training Services at Atlas Online PT


 Online Personal Fitness Trainer in UK and Worldwide

Weight Loss, Back Pain Management and Strengthening 

If you would like to prepare for a sport event or simply want to get rid of body fat; if you suffer from back pain or any other injuries and do not know what training program could help you; if you are looking for a pre or post-natal exercise routine or just want to improve your flexibility and mobility we can help you with a range of personal training packages tailored to your own goals and abilities.

We will first provide you with a free consultation. We'll talk about your current situation and how we can help you achieve your goals. We'll also provide you with important information and discuss what equipment you can use and what would be best for you in your circumstances. We will make sure you have the full picture you need to make an informed decision on whether our coaching is right for you.

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 Our Online PT Services


 Online Personal Fitness Trainer in UK and Worldwide

Weight Loss and Weight Management

We have helped numerous clients lose weight in a safe and sustainable way with our holistic approach. We will provide you with personal training on Zoom, backed up by nutritional advice and wellbeing guidance, so that any weight loss can be realistically sustained in the long run.

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Back Pain Management

Back pain is a symptom that can be triggered by different causes, though most often is due to poor posture and prolonged periods of sitting at the desk with no exercise. As a certified personal trainer in management of lower back pain, we can help you overcome your discomfort with safe and effective coaching that will strengthen your core and improve your back function.

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Strengthening and Conditioning

Strengthening your body will help you by providing better functional movement, while sweat inducing conditioning will boost your metabolism. Exercise doesn't always have to be complicated, but it should be smart, effective and efficient whilst targeting your personal goals.

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Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

As a NASM certified personal trainer, we can help you safely improve your movement mechanics which can further benefit your posture and to your entire body functionality. The personal training we provide on Zoom will help your body re-energise and recover in a safe and effective way.

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Flexibility and Mobility Training

Sitting down at the desk for too long can lead to poor range of motion at the joints and stiffness in the muscles. Our online fitness coaching can help you increase flexibility and improve mobility so you can feel better and perform daily tasks with more ease.

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Online Personal Fitness Trainer in UK and Worldwide

Pre and Post Natal Training

Research has shown that exercise offers a range of benefits for expecting and new mothers. Regular exercise increases your energy levels, improves your mental wellbeing and reduces tiredness. During pregnancy, exercise has been shown to actually support the development of the baby's brain.

As a certified pre and post natal personal fitness trainer, we offer training that will give you just the right level of support and physical activity. If you have any underlying conditions, we will ensure that you can exercise in a safe and secure way.

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Disability Personal Trainer in London

Adaptive Fitness

Our bespoke personal training sessions for clients with disabilities / special needs are designed to break down perceived barriers and ensure equal access to fitness and activity regardless of physical limitation.

We empower our clients through adaptive fitness programming, helping them build the confidence to be independent.

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Online 1:1 personal training sessions last for 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

Face to face 1:1 personal training sessions last for 45 minutes or 60 minutes and are subject to availability and social distancing rules in place at the time.

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Nutritional Advice

Diets alone don't work forever just as exercise by itself won't suffice for a healthy life. The best strategy is a holistic approach - through exercise combined with healthy eating and living. We offer realistic and simple advice that will ensure you have the best chance of reaching your goals.

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Wellbeing Guidance

Your lifestyle has a major effect on your mental and physical wellbeing. We have trained numerous corporate professionals with busy work schedules and we can guide you on how to implement incremental and sustainable changes that will make big difference not only to your physical health but to your general wellbeing.


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